Welcome to the Divine Comedy Gallery. Here you will find images from a variety of illustrated editions of Dante, maps of the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso, and some sample manuscript pages. There are currently 368 images in the gallery.
ArtistCollectionTotal Images
Sandro BotticelliBotticelli's Inferno27 
Sandro BotticelliBotticelli's Paradiso30 
Sandro BotticelliBotticelli's Purgatorio33 
Salvador DaliDali's Inferno34 
Salvador DaliDali's Paradiso33 
Salvador DaliDali's Purgatorio33 
ManuscriptsDivine Comedy Manuscripts13 
Gustave DoréDore's Inferno28 
Gustave DoréDore's Inferno (Black & White)29 
Gustave DoréDore's Inferno (Various)20 
Gustave DoréDore's Paradiso15 
Gustave DoréDore's Purgatorio27 
Gustave DoréDore's Purgatorio (Various)
MapsMaps of the Inferno
MapsMaps of the Paradiso
MapsMaps of the Purgatorio
Alessandro VellutelloVellutello's Inferno27 

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