Botticelli Gallery

1Paradiso 01The Ascent to Heaven
2Paradiso 02The Moon
3Paradiso 03The Moon
4Paradiso 04The Moon
5Paradiso 05The Moon and Mercury
6Paradiso 06Mercury and Justinian
7Paradiso 07Mercury
8Paradiso 08Venus
9Paradiso 09Venus
10Paradiso 10The Sun
11Paradiso 11The Sun
12Paradiso 12The Sun
13Paradiso 13The Sun
14Paradiso 14Mars
15Paradiso 15Mars
16Paradiso 16Mars
17Paradiso 17Mars
18Paradiso 18Mars and Jupiter
19Paradiso 19Jupiter
20Paradiso 20Jupiter
22Paradiso 22Saturn
23Paradiso 23The Fixed Stars
24Paradiso 24The Fixed Stars
25Paradiso 25The Fixed Stars
26Paradiso 26The Fixed Stars
27Paradiso 27The Fixed Stars and Ascent to the Primum Mobile
28Paradiso 28The Primum Mobile
29Paradiso 29The Primum Mobile
30Paradiso 30Ascent to the Empyrean
32Paradiso 32The Empyrean

Produced by ELF (1997-2012)