Botticelli Gallery

0InfernoChart of Hell
1Inferno 01The Dark Wood
8Inferno 08The Wrathful and The Fallen Angels
9Inferno 09The City of Dis and The Heretics
10Inferno 10The Heretics
12Inferno 12The Violent against their Neighbour
13Inferno 13The Violent against Themselves
15Inferno 15The Violent against Nature
16Inferno 16The Violent against Nature and Art
17Inferno 17The Violent against Art
18Inferno 18The Panderers and Seducers and The Flatterers
19Inferno 19The Simoniacs
20Inferno 20The Fortune Tellers and Diviners
21Inferno 21The Grafters
22Inferno 22The Grafters
23Inferno 23The Hypocrites
24Inferno 24The Thieves
25Inferno 25The Thieves
26Inferno 26The Evil Counsellors
27Inferno 27The Evil Counsellors
28Inferno 28The Sowers of Discord
29Inferno 29The Falsifiers: Alchemists
30Inferno 30The Falsifiers: Evil Impersonators, Counterfeiters, False Witnesses
31Inferno 31The Giants
32Inferno 32The Treacherous to Kin and The Treacherous to Country
33Inferno 33The Treacherous to Country and The Treacherous to Guests and Hosts
34Inferno 34The Treacherous to their Master Satan

Produced by ELF (1997-2012)