the Divine Comedy
Canto XXX: Lines 49-64 of 148
English Edition, translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Circle Eight: Bolgia TenThe Falsifiers (Evil Impersonators, Counterfeiters, False Witnesses)
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49   I saw one made in fashion of a lute,
50   If he had only had the groin cut off
51   Just at the point at which a man is forked.
52   The heavy dropsy, that so disproportions
53   The limbs with humours, which it ill concocts,
54   That the face corresponds not to the belly,
55   Compelled him so to hold his lips apart
56   As does the hectic, who because of thirst
57   One tow'rds the chin, the other upward turns.
58   O ye, who without any torment are,
59   And why I know not, in the world of woe,
60   He said to us, behold, and be attentive
61   Unto the misery of Master Adam;
62   I had while living much of what I wished,
63   And now, alas ! a drop of water crave.
64   The rivulets, that from the verdant hills

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